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We understand that the legal landscape can be a minefield. Our experienced lawyers offer up their knowledge in our informative legal videos to help get you answers to any questions you may have.

Wills & Estates Videos

What should I bring to my first Appointment?

What Happens if I Don’t Do a Will?

Getting a Will is for Everybody

Not so Simple Wills

Dying without a Will

Simple Wills

Separated and Not Divorced – Wills

Angela Harry – Partner Wills & Estates

Estate Planning Videos

Being an Executor?

Death in the Family – The First Steps

Larisa Kapur – Wills and Estates Lawyer

Contesting Wills Videos

First Appointment

Free Advice

Contesting Wills in QLD

Should I Feel Guilty About Contesting a Will?

Compensation Claims (NSW) Videos

Time Limits

Getting a Second Opinion

When Should You Seek Legal Advice

Injured at Work in NSW

Dealing with WorkCover

Dealing with WorkCover in NSW

WorkCover Offer

Why Attwood Marshall

Who Pays the Fees?

Injured at Work? What to do Next

Compensation Claims (QLD) Videos

No Win No Fee

What is An Accredited Specialist

What to do if you’ve had a Motor Vehicle Accident

No Win No Fee for Cyclists

What Cyclists Need to Know

CTP – Cyclist Compensation Claim

Injured at Work QLD

WorkCover Medicals

Workplace Injuries – The Employer

Workplace Injury – The Claim Process

WorkCover Offer QLD

Injured in the Gym

Compensation Claims (QLD & NSW) Videos

Rhiannon Garrett – Compensation Law Senior Paralegal

Commercial Litigation

Amanda Heather – Department Manager