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“As family lawyers, Attwood Marshall have had decades of experience and knowledge required to help clients navigate their way through the ever changing and complex family law system.”

Family Lawyers Gold Coast and Brisbane Wide

As one of the leading family law firms in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Attwood Marshall have decades of experience and the specialist knowledge required to help clients navigate their way through the ever-changing and complex family law system.

Our priority is about helping people create positive change and direction in their lives. We are proud to have helped hundreds of families with family law matters in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and northern New South Wales region, to effectively deal with and resolve their family law issues through negotiation and/or court action following a relationship breakdown.

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Specialty Areas We Can Assist You With

Our experienced family lawyers have extensive experience dealing with all areas of family law Brisbane and Gold Coast wide. These specialty areas include:

Property Settlements

If your marriage or de facto relationship ends and you need to divide shared property between you, it’s important to obtain professional legal advice from our family lawyers to ensure that the division is fair and reasonable to both parties. An agreement needs to be reached either by discussions between former partners or through a negotiation by your family lawyers.

Any sort of shared property can be divided under the Family Law Act including real estate, interests in a business or company, the furniture and contents of your household, cars, jewellery, superannuation, shares or money. Whether the property is owned under the name of one partner, both partners, a company, business or trust, a properly formalised settlement is necessary to prevent future claims.

Looking for legal advice regarding Property Settlements? Read more about Property Settlements or contact now for your free legal advice.

De Facto Relationships

At Attwood Marshall, we can deliver specialist legal advice and assistance with reviewing your estate planning and testamentary trust will after the separation of you and your de facto partner. This might involve revoking your Power of Attorney, changing your Will, or ensuring the conditions of any pre-arranged Financial Agreements are carried out.

We are committed to making sure the outcome is as beneficial as possible to both parties, and will do everything we can to legally support you through the negotiationsand/or court process.

Financial/Prenuptial Agreements

Financial Agreements can be drawn up before, during or after a marriage or de facto relationship, and they are designed to protect the assets of each partner. Legal advice is crucial to prepare these documents as well as before you sign them, to make sure they meet all the necessary requirements and are correctly executed.

Our professional family lawyers across the Gold Coast and Brisbane can work with you to prepare a Financial Agreement that adequately protects your assets, no matter what stage of your marriage or de facto relationship you are in.

Looking for legal advice regarding Financial/Prenuptial Agreements? Read more about Financial/Prenuptial Agreements or contact now for your free legal advice.

Children Issues

Children’s matters are one of the most sensitive areas of family law, especially when there are disputes regarding their living arrangements. We understand the difficulties of these situations, and our focus is always on helping you negotiate with your former partner and reach an agreement about what is the best arrangement for your children.

We work quickly and practically to minimise disruption to your children’s lives and their exposure to the dispute, and always provide the best advice about the most positive and sensible approaches to take moving forward. The wellbeing and best interests of your children are of utmost importance, and we have a wide network of trusted governmental and private Family Dispute Resolution providers, counsellors and child psychologists that we can refer you to, to help you deal with the situation as constructively as possible.

Looking for legal advice regarding Children Issues? Read more about Children Issues or contact now for your free legal advice.


Contact one of our family law firms Gold Coast and Brisbane based for assistance with preparing and lodging, or responding to, an Application for Divorce. Generally this process is fairly simple and straight-forward, but if problems do arise, then it’s very important that you have an experienced family lawyer to help you resolve them and reach the most beneficial outcome for both partners.

The divorce process in Australia is one of ‘no fault’, and if the court is satisfied that you and your partner are married, have been separated for at least 12 months before filling out the Application for Divorce, and that there is no prospect of reconciliation, a Divorce Order will be made.

Looking for legal advice regarding Divorce? Read more about Divorce or contact now for your free legal advice.

Child Support

If you and your partner have separated and have children together, you are both expected to continue to financially support your children in order to meet their costs of living, education, medical needs and extra-curricular activities. In these situations, we highly advise parents to come to a formal child support agreement either privately or with the help of our negotiations. We are also available to draft these agreements for you in accordance with the strict terms and formalities set out in the Child Support legislation.

Alternatively, if you and your partner are not able to come to a private agreement, then the Child Support Agency will manage and collect child support. We can advise and assist you in the event that you would like your child support assessment reconsidered, or would like to know more about your options to move forward.

Looking for legal advice regarding Child Support? Read more about Child Support or contact now for your free legal advice.

Spousal Maintenance

In some circumstances, if your marriage or de facto relationship ends, former partners may need to continue to financially support each other through spousal maintenance. Separate to child support and property settlement, spousal maintenance is generally payable when one partner is unable to adequately support themselves, and the other partner has the financial capacity to provide that support.

Our professional family lawyers across the Gold Coast and Brisbane can provide practical legal advice and support relating to claims for spousal maintenance, and if you choose to make a Court Application we can assist you with the process of making the claim.

Looking for legal advice regarding Spousal Maintenance? Read more about Spousal Maintenance or contact now for your free legal advice.

Domestic & Family Violence

We can provide swift assistance with completing and submitting an Application for a Protection Order (in Queensland) or Apprehended Violence Order (in New South Wales). We can also assist you with understanding your rights and your potential legal options if you have been named as a Respondent in an Application for Protection Order or Apprehended Violence Order.

However, if you and/or your children have been the victim of domestic or family violence, or you are in immediate danger, you must contact your local police straight away for your own safety and the safety of any children involved. They will be able to take immediate action to protect you from any further violence.

Looking for legal advice regarding Domestic & Family Violence? Read more about Domestic & Family Violence or contact now for your free legal advice.

Family Law across Brisbane and the Gold Coast

At Attwood Marshall we understand how emotionally stressful a relationship breakdown is for most people, and while some may cope adequately, a large amount of separated men and women do not. This is where we can help, and our experienced family lawyers Brisbane and Gold Coast wide are committed to supporting you through a time when you are most in need.

Additionally, the stressful experience can be greatly exacerbated in cases involving children, family violence, jointly owned property and/or businesses, and joint debts. Ironically, separated spouses or partners are required to make the most important decisions regarding children, property and related matters at this most difficult and vulnerable time in their lives.

With a strong emphasis on dispute resolution and resolution by negotiation, Attwood Marshall is one of the few family law firms in the Gold Coast and Brisbane that is able to provide clients with options about how to resolve their particular dispute without resorting to litigation, which can be financially and emotionally draining for everyone involved. However in some cases court intervention is the only option, and we are always ready to support you through the court process in a timely and effective manner.

We are of the view that no two cases are the same, no matter how similar or familiar they may seem. We are dedicated to listening to your needs, assessing your personal situation, setting goals and formulating a strategy to best achieve those goals.

As we are a medium sized law firm with extensive areas of practice, our other departments can also assist you with related matters outside family law such as reviewing your Will following a separation, estate planning after property settlement, estate litigation, commercial litigation, purchasing or selling a business, and real property.

If necessary, we can also refer you to trusted counsellors and other professionals in our established network such as accountants and financial advisors who work locally.

We have gained an exceptional reputation within the family law jurisdiction by successfully conducting complex cases in the Family Law Courts, the State Magistrates and Local Courts, and the Children’s Courts.



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