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Forgotten something? Remember to check for unregistered easements when drafting a Queensland Contract.

Friday, 29th March, 2013

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We all know that ordering a title search is the first step when drafting a Queensland contract, but did you know the buyer may still be able to terminate the contract if you have failed to list any unregistered easements? Locating unregistered easements can be as simple as ordering the As Constructed SIS Location Diagram […]

Rental Property Hazards: Who is responsible for your safety? – By Barry van Heerden – Partner

Thursday, 28th March, 2013


SMOKE ALARMS  It is common knowledge that from 1 July 2007 all residential dwellings in Queensland are required to have smoke alarms installed (Qld Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990). With rental properties there appears to be confusion as to who is responsible for the maintenance (including the replacement of batteries) of smoke alarms.  In […]

Violence, Harassment and Threats – Steps to ensure your safety

Tuesday, 19th March, 2013


If you feel like you, a family member or a friend is a victim of harassment, violence or at threat there are ways that you can ensure safety. What to do in Queensland Firstly speak to the police and make them aware of what is happening. The reports may need to be referred to at […]

Can you exclude your liability? By Barry van Heerden – Partner

Thursday, 7th March, 2013


We are all aware of exclusion clauses that appear on invoices, tickets, agreements and noticeboards.  The purpose of these exclusion clauses is to exclude any liability on the part of the provider of the services and/or premises.  The question remains whether these clauses offer adequate protection from liability for damages. In a recent case (La […]

Outrage at use of Black Caviar name for Racehorse in South Africa – By Jeff Garrett – Partner


The unwitting owners of the horse in South Africa that has been named “Black Caviar” have bowed to overwhelming public pressure and renamed their racehorse “Black Beluga” after an uproar in the racing industry.  Under the Australian racing rules and regulations, certain champion racehorse names cannot be used again ever if they fall into certain […]

Attwood Marshall supports campaign to increase rate of organ donations

Friday, 22nd February, 2013

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Organ donation is an emotive issue in the community, however it is an issue that every family should discuss amongst themselves.  In an effort to help to spread the word in relation to the importance of organ donation Attwood Marshall suggests to all their clients to address this issue to save further heartache when a […]

Is your Landlord liable? By Barry van Heerden – Partner


There appears to be always different viewpoints on the question whether a landlord is liable if someone is injured in a rental property and the injury is caused by defects in the property. There are landlords who rent out investment properties and the concern is always the liability for personal injuries.  In a recent case […]

Notice to Agents – New Insurance Requirements as at 1 July 2013

Friday, 8th February, 2013


As at 1 July 2013 all registered property agents will need to have a level of professional indemnity insurance in place. Does this apply to you? If you are a licensed real estate, stock and station agent, business agent, strata or community agent or an onsite residential property manager this applies to you. Remember – […]

Are the Queensland Floods affecting you – making you unable to complete settlement of your contract? – By Kelli Edwards – Senior Associate

Thursday, 31st January, 2013


If you are buying or selling a home in Queensland you would be aware that ‘time is of the essence’ in your contract. This means that strict compliance with deadlines for the special conditions and settlement must be complied with or there could be dire consequences for you. But what if the recent floods have […]

Are you being Sued?

Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

Being Sued

Have you received the “knock on your door” or those documents in the post that you wished had never arrived? Attwood Marshall Lawyers are able to take out the stress and burden of the situations that may be thrown your way. We understand that being involved in a dispute can be a stressful experience both […]